Spider Mites Control

Spider Mites Control

Spider mites infestation is very widespread during the summer months and is usually of great concern to greenhouse growers. They feed on the leaves of special kinds of evergreens, fruit trees and on a range of ornamentals. If the problem is not dealt with, they can do a lot of damage. Spider mites control is necessary if greenhouse growers want to stay in business.

Signs that your plants are infested

Spider mites eat away at the surface of the leaves and suck the juices. You will know that the plants are infested when the leaves become discolored with very small brownish-yellow spots. The little creatures are usually found at the underside of the leaves. When the infestation is in an advanced stage you will see some tiny webs on the plant. Once webbing is discovered, it means that there no hope for the plant it is going to die.

There are quite a number of ways in which spider mites can be controlled. Let look at just three of the many available methods that can be used as spider mites control.

Types of control


Water is one of the ways in which spider mites control can be achieved. Water the plants regularly. Plants that are not given enough water is a sure way of attracting the mites, likewise, if the hydrogen content in the plant is high, the mites will be attracted to the plant also. Weeds do attract mites too, so keep the weeds down. The mites are carried around in the air, and workers can transport them on their clothing. It would be better to leave the areas that are mite infested in the greenhouse as the last place to visit before ending the day’s work.


Spider mites control can be achieved by using natural predators. You will first have to identify the species of spider mite that is causing the problem because this will help you in deciding which predators you will need to buy. Phytoseiuluspersimilis has an insatiable appetite for this particular mite and will eat an average of twenty-four baby spider mites and thirty eggs daily. They are able to do this because they grow two times as fast the spider mites. Spider mites control is not limited to this particular species because there are other bugs that can work as effectively.


As with any other parasitic infestation, chemicals can be used in spider mites control. It is vital that you use the proper chemical as many of the regular insecticides have no effect on controlling these mites. Controlling spider mites is hard because they are always found at back of the leaves. The chemical chosen must be one that will penetrate the leaves through the tissues from the top to the underside.

Spider mites control will be effective only when you monitor your plants on a regular basis. If you can, at an early stage, detect the symptoms you will be better able to manage any likely problem of spider mites infestation and save your plants from becoming unhealthy and ugly.


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