Living Fences for an Organized Garden

Living Fences for an Organized Garden

The live fence is the perfectly green background for a colorful garden filled with flowers in bloom. Spring is the right time to plant one or if you have one already planted, to trim and care for it so that it surrounds your garden with a shining green barrier.

The spring is the right time to plant new bushes that can serve as a live fence. The small shrubs are better for the purpose than the tall ones because they will grow thicker and will be easier to shape. The tall ones tend to grow in height and must be trimmed regularly if you do not want to have a live fence filled with holes.

The most practical way to plant a live fence is to make sure you have enough plants. Also you must pay attention to land preparation which has to be carefully done unless you want the shrubs to be whiter and die. The weather must be warm enough and you have to consider the soil pH before you start planting the young shrubs.

Before planting, you have to decide the exact place where you want to place the live fence. Keep in mind that you will not be able to move it as you would do with any other plants from your garden.

The soil preparation for live fence planting must be done with extra care and during a considerable amount of time. Consider that the roots of the shrubs grow and they will need room to expand.

If the soil is not drained, add some gravel to it and fertilize it before planting, using only organic fertilization.

Any type of shrubs can become the perfect live fence and in the first year, we need to water the plants daily.

It is very important to keep the watering steady because it is the thing responsible for the fence’s growth. The post planting fertilization must be done simultaneously with the rest of the garden.

If you have already planted a live fence a few years ago, you have on your hands a fully grown garden barrier.

The right way to go is to trim and cut the fence before the first leaf sprouts appear. Try and keep the top line of the fence regular for a symmetric look.

Keep in mind that the live fence can be a lifetime investment for your garden and if cared for, the right way, it will be a landscaping element you will treasure for both – looks and purpose.


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