How to choose garden tools

How to choose garden tools

Spring is upon us and the time has come to devote yourself to the care of your garden to make the most of it in the summer. There is a lot to do, but with the right gardening tools you can tackle any job efficiently and safely. In this guide we help you choose the tools based on the activities to be performed. More about Electrogardentools here.

Don’t forget to schedule the works according to the weather conditions: following them will save you time and effort.

Soil preparation tools

Before sowing a new lawn or planting the crops you want, there are some preliminary steps you need to do to prepare the soil .

First of all, it is necessary to move the earth to bring the deeper layers to the surface will reduce the formation of weeds. If it is a very large field or garden, you can use a two-wheel tractor while for medium-sized spaces you can use a rotary tiller.

The hand tools such as hoes, picks and spades are sufficient for small gardens, however, should always be present even in the big ones. Each of these has a specific use that we want to explain to you in this guide.READ LESS

Choose the type that best suits the job you need to do:

Hoes and picks

A pickaxe is a sturdy tool that is mainly used to break up the hardest and most stone-rich soils. The hoe also has the same use but thanks to its shape it is also useful for aerating the roots and moving the soil.

Spades and shovels

The spade is a fundamental tool in the garden and in the vegetable garden. It is used to deeply move the soil to be cultivated. The choice of the right spade must take into account the work to be done and the type of soil. The handle can be in wood or fiberglass, light and resistant materials. The blade, usually made of steel and about 25-30 cm long, can have different shapes:

  • the square spade is suitable for soil already worked, sandy and without roots, such as that of a lawn or a flower bed.
  • the pointed spade penetrates the soil more easily and is suitable for gardens with more compact and difficult to work soils.

The shovel is similar to the spade and is mainly used to move the earth or distribute compost. It consists of a part of the handle and a blade. The handle must be made of a light but strong material, for example, wood. The blade, on the other hand, is usually made of iron or a metal alloy such as aluminum. It has a wide, broad, and slightly concave shape. The more pointed forms are recommended for penetrating the mounds of earth, the more square ones to collect leaves or shovel snow.


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