How to choose a blower?

How to choose a blower?

Tired of scraping leaves, branches and cones with a rake every autumn, do you want to simplify this process as much as possible?You are on the right track. A blower is the simplest and most effective thing to do this. You have no idea how easy it is to remove wet leaves and bumps that fill the gravel. So, choose the best backpack blower.

If you decide to make your site really well-groomed and are thinking about a blower, pay attention to the following details:
Operating modes Blowing

In 30 minutes of operation of the base 4 Ah battery, you will sweep leaves from 1.5 km of the surface, and collect them in one place.

Corded or rechargeable?
In the first case, it will be convenient to work only in the immediate vicinity of the outlet. Corded leaf blowers are lighter and cheaper than cordless ones.
At the same time, thanks to the innovative GreenWorks accumulators, leaf blowers of this series are not inferior in power to gasoline ones, they are light and balanced. You can use them anywhere, including indoors. For example, after a major overhaul.
The batteries are universal and suitable for all other GreenWorks equipment of the same capacity. 

GreenWorks lithium ion batteries are the latest technology and offer better performance than Ni-Cad batteries. 
The main advantage of such batteries is that they do not lose performance and longevity over time, as other batteries do.
What’s more, nickel cadmium batteries take up to 12 hours to fully charge. GreenWorks lithium-ion batteries charge from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on capacity. 
And they work from “filling” to “filling” longer by 50% than gasoline counterparts. In other words, with two batteries, you can work without stopping. And since GreenWorks makes universal batteries for the entire product line, you can use one battery for your electric saw, trimmer, lawnmower, brush cutter, leaf blower, snow blower and more.

Engine type
The GreenWorks range features state-of-the-art brushed and innovative brushless motors. They are distinguished by the following parameters. Brushless tools are more expensive, but they are significantly quieter, less vibration and last longer.   

Noise and Vibration
Thanks to the new GreenWorks motors, you can start mowing early in the morning without waking anyone up. And the low vibration level will keep you from getting tired quickly.

Speed ​​control
The GreenWorks line of leaf blowers includes models with two and three power levels. Depending on the level of dirt, you can choose the one that suits the best.

Vacuum cleaner function
When choosing a leaf blower, pay attention to the fact that more expensive models are equipped with such a convenient function as a vacuum cleaner. You simply attach a special leaf collection bag and bring beauty to your area in no time.

The future is available today

GreenWorks blowers are – 300 km / h at 900 m3 / h With the function of a vacuum cleaner or professional, working up to 7 hours on a single charge. With the absence of vibration loads, and what is most interesting is almost silent operation, at the level of a ringing home phone – 80 dB.

In 30 minutes of operation of the basic 4 A * h battery, you will sweep leaves from 1.5 km of the surface, and collect them in one place.

Vacuum cleaner
Switch from one mode to the second, and the blower turns into a high-performance vacuum cleaner. Such models are equipped with special bags for collecting foliage and debris.

Mulching (chopping)
An additional feature of the blower operating in vacuum cleaner mode. Integrated knives crush leaves falling into the bag. Shredded natural “garbage” is an excellent fertilizer for the garden.

The GreenWorks range includes leaf blowers for any purpose and budget. From the lightest 24 volts, to the commercial series – 82 Volts with backpack batteries. More than a dozen models, 24V, 40V, 60, 80V PRO and 82V Commercial.

This is a unique equipment for parks, municipal and city services, as well as for companies serving the territories of cottage communities. The 82V line has all the equipment you need for cleaning territories, maintaining lawns, trees, hedges and much more.  

This technique is already used by greenkeepers on golf courses, our clients: Moscow Country Club, Agalarov and Pestovo.

The GreenWorks line of blowers has corded models that are suitable for cleaning leaves, dust, dirt, branches, cones, etc. in the immediate vicinity of an outlet.

24V  is the lightest in its class. Suitable for plots up to 6 acres. These blowers are suitable for those who already use power tools such as drills and screwdrivers in the 24V range.

40V  – Leading seller and powerful solution for plots from 5 to 15 acres. These blowers are powered by 2 or 4 Ah batteries, which are suitable for 25 different devices, saws, snow blowers, trimmers, mowers, cultivators, etc.

60V – New for 2017 for semi-professional use. Runs on batteries from 2 to 4 A / h. In this range, two interesting positions are the self-propelled cordless lawn mower and the new design knapsack blower.

80V – For plots of more than 15 acres and for those who want to get power superior to gasoline engines. With such a blower, you will be able to remove all the leaves and debris from your area several times faster.

82V – A line of blowers that operate both on batteries 2.5A * h and 5A * h, and from backpack batteries, which allow you to remove leaves for 7 hours on a single charge. This technique is for professionals, golf course greenkeepers, property management services, forests and parks.


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