3 Basic Steps Of How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

3 Basic Steps Of How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Are you getting extremely annoyed with the bed bugs in your home but then you are totally clueless about how to get rid of bed bugs?

Staying at home should always be a relaxing experience especially for people who are always out and on the go. Your home should serve as a haven of peace and relaxation for you especially at your most dead beat days. For this, it needs to be always cleaned and sanitized.  But then with bed bugs around, how can it be a peaceful and relaxing place at all? Read this article and pick up some tips and tricks on how to get rid of bed bugs with no sweat! These steps will teach you about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home:

Vacuum Meticulously

Since bed bugs can be very resilient microscopic creatures, it is a must that when you vacuum, you do it meticulously. Vacuum all your mattresses which can be a favorite hideout for these bugs. Vacuum your bed frames really well, including the head boards, the closets, the dresser, the curtains, the couch, the walls and especially the cracks on the paper walls if you have them, since they love to stay in crevices, holes and warm places.

By vacuuming, you are not only able to siphon off these pests, but you are also able to suck up all the minute droppings and shells discharged by these irksome bed bugs. Vacuuming is very crucial since these nuisances can even bring you diseases or allergies of some kind.

Identify The Necessary Chemical Treatment

After vacuuming, it is time to seal all the cracks and furniture with the appropriate chemicals such as silicone, Pyrethroid, acrylic, Malathion or Dichlorvos. This step on how to get rid of bed bugs should be religiously done for three times with an interval of 10 days. It is very crucial that you do not forget the second and third treatments. Otherwise, you might just find these pests rushing back to their favorite places and sucking up your blood as soon as you fall into a deep sleep.

Implement Ways To Prevent

In essence, how to get rid of bed bugs is not that simple after all. After the elimination which is done through the vacuum cleaner, there is the chemical treatment to exterminate them. But since bed bugs are capable of fasting from blood for weeks, it is important that these two steps are followed up by prevention. Get hold of the IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) spray so that you may regularly spray in your home and prevent these bed bugs from staying.


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